HookUpz Capture your binoculars image on your cell phone

Have you ever been sitting and glassing the hill on the other side of the valley and spotted a really nice Bull Elk or Monster Mule Buck and wish you had brought your camera with a huge telephoto lens?  I have!  That’s why I end up carrying an extra ten or 15 pounds of camera equipment with me when I hunt out west!  With a new tool from Carson, there is a way to grab that picture with nothing more than your cell phone and a new light weight device called the HookUpz.  

Making use of your binocular’s or spotting scope’s magnification Carson has created HookUpz 2.0 which can attach to your scope or binocular to zoom in on the object of your interest and grab the picture of the one you are after, or… the one that got away! 

Now unfortunately, I didn’t have a bull elk or a huge whitetail deer to shoot while trying this out, but I was able to get a picture through the binoculars. Here are side by side pictures of a pine tree at about 200 yards.


 I didn’t have access to a spotting scope and I would have loved to try this out with one.  I am sure it would have provided a clearer picture.  It is difficult enough holding 8 power binoculars on an object.  Having the HookUpz attached doesn’t make it any easier, but I was able to get a significantly better picture than my cell phone alone would provide.  Given the limitations I had, I was very impressed by the ease of use and clarity of the picture I got. 

HookUpz is very easy to set up and use.  I am not one who likes reading directions, so as usual, I ripped open the box, pulled the HookUpz out of its very nice hard case and figured out how to attach it to my binoculars.  It really was very intuitive!  I could tell where the cell phone camera had to be, so I centered the camera lens there and snugged up my Android Samsung 7 Edge into the clamp for the phone.  I grabbed my Nikon 8 power binoculars and fitted them into the Optic clamp on the HookUpz.    I had to tweak the position of the cell phone, and use a small adapter that comes with the HookUpz, but in no time I was in a position to shoot a close-up picture with my cell phone.  I was also able to record a video through the HookUpz, too. 

All in all, this is a pretty nifty little device.  If you don’t carry a long range camera into the field with you, the HookUpz is a very light and easily attachable device to bring that cell phone picture into a much better close-up. 

For more information about HookUpz, and to see a couple of videos of how it works, visit Carson’s website.