Muzzy One Series

A bow hunters broadhead preference is as individual as his/her selection of the perfect hunting bow.  I have used more broadheads in my 40 plus years of bowhunting than I can count.  From my first Fred Bear broadhead with a two blade insert to mechanical broadheads, I have tried them all.  I have also recommended and used different broadhead types and different weights.

Don’t get me wrong, most of the broadheads on the market will get the job done as long as the arrow targets the vital area of it’s intended target.  That, of course, is the most important parameter.

I have known hunters who for years have practiced with their target tips, but failed to check to see if the broadheads they use for hunting will fly the same way.  One of the biggest reasons that mechanical broadheads have made such an impact on bow hunting is for precisely that reason.  Mechanical broadhead look and fly like target tips.  I know there has been a lot of argument about whether or not they work as they should all the time, but that is not a question I am about to get into in this article.  Nor am I going to get into a discussion about why fixed broadheads may not fly the same as field tips.  There are lots of articles that discuss that, and how to prevent it.  To be sure, never get into the field hunting unless you have determined that your hunting arrows fly true!

Although I have used mechanical broadheads and replaceable fixed blades I keep coming back to solid fixed blades.

Muzzy, a well known name in the broadhead field has developed an new series of broadheads that have garnered my attention.  The new Muzzy One Series is a three blade broadhead that is available in 85, 100, or 125 grains.  It is fashioned out of 1-Piece Machined Stainless Steel Ferrule and honed to a razor sharp point.  This cut on impact blade, is my kind of broadhead.

I have always liked three blade broadheads because in my experience they don’t have a tendency to plane as some four blade broadheads will sometimes do.  However, sharpening a three blade broadhead has always had its particular challenges. That is one reason why bow hunters will find many 3 blade broadheads with replaceable blades.  I have found, however, that many of these replaceable blades just don’t stand up the harsh impact of big game muscle and bone.  Muzzy One Series has overcome both of these problems.  Muzzy One broadheads have a blade thickness of 0.46, and this broadhead can be sharpened on any flat stone.

What I like most about fixed three blade broadheads is that they basically punch a hole in the target animal instead of a horizontal or vertical cut.  The Muzzy One Series broadheads will cut a 1.00 inch, 1.125 inch, or a 1.25 inch cutting diameter in your targeted game.  Whether hunting whitetail deer or hogs with an 85 grain Muzzy One, or a Moose with the 125 grain broadhead, all you have to do is put the arrow into the kill zone, and the Muzzy One will do the rest.