G5 Broadheads

Bow hunters need a good broadhead to make that great kill.  There are many kinds of broadheads to choose from, G5 Outdoors have great selection for bowhunters to find the broadhead he is looking for.

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 G5 Broadheads

bow hunting broadheads 

Montec CS

With the patented Monoflow™ Technology, and its 100% spin tested design, G5 Outdoors introduces the Montec CS™. This 100-grain broadhead is constructed using carbon steel. The sharpness of the Montec CS™ is incredibly 25% sharper than its original stainless steel design and is easily re-sharpened after repeated use. 

Bow hunting broadheads 



The STRIKER broadhead is a new breed of premium replaceable-blade broadheads. With a cut-on-contact all steel design, scary-sharp Lutz blades, 100% Spin Tested accuracy, and our exclusive ANIX Blade Locking System, this head prevails where other similar fixed-blade broadheads fail.  




For hunters who demand pass-through and a big cut, the new T3 three-blade expandable broadhead is the answer. Featuring 100% steel construction and a huge 1 1/2 inch cutting diameter, this brand new broadhead provides a complete pass-through and massive entrance and exit wounds. This broadhead is also available for crossbows. 

bow hunting broadheads 



For hunters who rely on dead accurate arrow flight and fail safe rearward blade deployment - the Tekan broadhead is all you'll need. Needing less than three pounds of energy to open, a rock solid one-piece stainless steel ferrule and a fatal 1-1/2" cutting diameter, this newly designed mechanical broadhead offers complete pass-throughs with massive entrance and exit wounds.