Wasp Broadheads

Bow hunters need a good broadhead to make that great kill.  There are many kinds of broadheads to choose from, Wasp has great selection for bowhunters to find the broadhead he is looking for.

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 Wasp Broadheads



The BOSS features a shortened aerodynamic ferrule, reduced blade surface area and SST tip alignment. The result is a very forgiving and accurate shooting arrow that delivers a sharp, strong, deep penetrating broadhead with the Cut-On-Contact trocar tip right on target. 




The Bullet sports a 1” cutting diameter, .027” stainless steel blades, combined with the SST tip and superior flight characteristics - make the Bullet one of the most forgiving and accurate broadheads available today!   

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Hammer SST

The WASP Hammer SST remains one of the top choices among bowhunters shooting fixed blade broadheads. Featuring the SST smart tip the HAMMER is tough enough to punch through the steel of 10 sections of a 55 gallon drum. The Hammer SST offers superior arrow flight in one of the strongest and best penetrating broadheads ever developed. The Hammer SST is available in three blade 75, 85, 90, 100, and 125 grains.

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Jak Hammer

The latest innovation from WASP adds versatility to this already popular mechanical broadhead. For the first time, bowhunters can match the cutting diameter of their hunting head to the situation, without having to change blades or broadheads. The Jak-Hammer Select-A-Cut SST offers a choice between 1-1/2 inch or 1-3/4 inch of cutting diameter. By simply rotating the Select-A-Cut washer the three stainless steel blades will open to either setting. The washer has been machined with two different beveled edges to stop blades at the preferred cutting diameter.

bowhunting broadheads


Sharp Shooter

The SharpShooter is designed with a self- aligning blade locking system which utilizes a hardened stainless steel forward section that aligns the main blade to the ferrule, eliminating misaligned blades and poor arrow flight. The SharpShooter has a 1” cutting diameter with .040” main blades and .027” bleeder blades. All blades are replaceable.

bowhunting broadheads


Z Force Mechanical

The all-new 100 grain Z-Force mechanical broadhead features a unique ball-bearing system that ensures proper blade dispersement with every shot. Its 1 5/8-inch cutting diameter, along with its solid steel ferrule, works in combination with its three blades to be the most lethal head on the broadhead market today. Even at its closed position of 5/8-inch, the Z-Force is one dominant broadhead.