G5 Bow Sights

Bow hunters look for a good bow sight for their bow.  G5 outdoors offers excellent selection for bow hunters.  Their quality product makes every bow hunter seek G5 for all their bow hunting accessory needs.

For more information visit their website www.g5outdoors.com

  G5 Bow Sights


Bow hunting sight

G5 Optix SE

The Optix SE brings the quality and durability that you expect from G5 This sight is packed full of features the hard core archery seeks. Features such as the patented smart pin technoclogy with single screw adjustments which allows for quicker and easier set up and tuning. In addition, the SE features patent pending ultra light magnesium alloy construction and a high contrast sight bubble. The Optix SE comes standard in Realtree AP Camouflage

bowhunting sight


G5 Optix LE

The Optix LE is constructed from lightweight magnesium alloy and freatures five smart pins, patent pending single screw adjustments and third axis tuning. In addition, it is available in .029" pins or .019" pins. The sight also comes standard with a harmonic damper and features Realtree AP camouflage.

bow hunter sight

G5 Optix XR

With three fixed .019" pins and one hybrid floating .019" pin, this sight allows you to dial in your distance to the exact yard in a matter of seconds. This eliminates guesswork when shooting at longer ranges, delivering optimum precision in the field and on the range. The floating pin is constantly under tension, removing all possible noise and vibration and it can be adjusted in one-yard increments. Smart Pin™ technology allows precise adjustment of each individual pin without the pin ever deviating from the center line of the sight. 3X microadjustment for windage and elevation and third-axis tuning. Large floating pin adjustment knob with vinyl yardage tape. Harmonic dampener reduces vibration and noise at the shot. Built-in visor and arrow bumper. 100% MagTough construction with super-light magnesium components.

Compound Bow hunting sight

G5 Optix 3 Pin

Lightweight and precision tuning set the Optix SE apart from similar sight systems. Its Smart-Pin™ can be precisely adjusted without ever leaving the centerline. Each individual pin uses just one adjustment screw. 3X microadjustments for windage and elevation are possible with solid stays. Integrated high-contrast sight bubble for consistent shots. An arrow bumper at the bottom of the sight reduces the potential for an arrow to accidentally bump it and make a game-scaring noise. 100% Mag Tough magnesium construction is inherently resistant to vibration. A built-in visor makes the pins easier to see in ceratain light conditions.