Bowtech Bows

This page displays Bowtech compound bows. Bowtech Bows are commonly used for archery, 3-D archery shooting and bow hunting.  For more information visit the Bowtech website: www.bowtecharchery.com

 Bowtech Bows

Bowtech Compound Bows Assassin 


Killer Bow, Killer Price, Killer Speed.
To say that the Assassin is  fully loaded is a true understatement. We pulled out all the stops to  deliver a R.A.K.™ equipped bow at a price almost too good to believe,  packed with features such as the accredited Binary® Cam System  [Symmetry, Synchronization, and Simplicity], created by BowTech, with  rotating draw length modules. The Assassin weighs in at an astonishingly  light 3.8 lbs (4.8 lbs when R.A.K. equipped) and executes with the  deadly speed of 333 fps and a forgiving brace height of 7"

Draw Weight: 50, 60, 70
Mass Weight: 3.8 lbs
Effective let-off: 65%-80%
Draw Length: 26"- 30"
Kinetic Energy: 86.20 ft-lbs
Axle to Axle: 30 5/8"
IBO Speed: 338 FPS
Brace Height: 7" 

Bowtech Compound Bows Destroyer 340 


Destroyer 340

Coming off an impressive year, the Destroyer 340 rightfully maintains it place as a leader in our 2011 line-up. The Destroyer returns decked out with three of BowTech's Patent Pending technologies. You no longer have to jeopardize accuracy and precision for speed, as the Destroyer 340 obtains this incredible balance by using HardCore Limbs™ [Intense Speed, Extreme Durability], OverDrive Binary™ [Symmetry, Synchronization, and Stability] and the FLX-Guard™ [Terminates Riser Torque]. Once again, "It's Called the Destroyer for a Reason."

Draw Weight: 50, 60, 65, 70
Mass Weight: 3.9 LBS
Effective Let-off: 80%
Draw Length: 26"- 31"
Kinetic Energy: 89.86 FT-LBS
Axle to Axle: 32 3/8"
IBO Speed: 340 FPS
Brace Height: 7" 


Bowtech Compound Bows Heartbreaker 



Finally, a bow women want to shoot. From day one, we engineered the HeartBreaker specifically for the female archer. This bow is sure to catch your eye, but our primary focus was on performance. We armed women with a bow that flat out dominates any other bow in its class. This bow is built to be as strong as the archers who shoot it. To top it off, the HeartBreaker comes R.A.K.™ [Ready. Aim. Kill] equipped. The hole this bow leaves on its prey creates a new definition for "She's a HeartBreaker".

Draw Weight: 40, 50, 60
Mass Weight: 3.7 LBS
Effective Let-off: 65% - 80%
Draw Length: 22.5" - 27"
Kinetic Energy: 61.98 FT-LBS
Axle to Axle: 30 1/4"
IBO Speed: 305 FPS
Brace height: 7" 


Bowtech Compound Bows Invasion 



We promised something special, something wildly innovative, and we delivered with the most accurate hunting bow ever built. The Invasion CPX harnesses all of BowTech's best technologies, leading the way in our 2011 line up. Combining our phenomenal HardCore Limbs, OverDrive Binary cam system and FLXGuard cable containment with the new CPX technology, we have created a bow that is scary accurate, deadly quiet, and blazing fast. The Invasion is Now.

Draw Weight: 50, 60, 70, 80
Mass Weight: 3.9 LBS
Effective Let-off: 80%
Draw Length: 26"- 30"
Kinetic Energy: 91.45 FT-LBS
Axle to Axle: 31 1/32"
IBO Speed: 343 FPS
Brace height: 7" 


Bowtech Compound Bows Soldier 



The Soldier is a staple in our 2011 bow line-up. It returns powered by our revolutionary Binary™ Cam System [Symmetry, Synchronization, and Simplicity] and sports the greatest amount of adjustability in our entire line. Combined with our upgraded package, the Soldier is the ultimate bow for hunters on the grow.

With every Soldier bow purchased, BowTech will honor those serving in the Armed Forces by donating to the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors. T.A.P.S. offers comfort, support, and assistance to American families who are facing the death of a loved one.

Draw Weight: 25-40, 40-65
Mass Weight: 3.5 lbs
Draw Length: 22"-29"
Kinetic Length: 68.43 Ft-LBS
Axle to Axle: 31 3/8"
IBO Speed: 308 FPS
Brace Height: 6 7/8"