Vortxx Quivers

This page display product information for Vortxx quivers.  Every bowhunter and archer alike needs a good quiver to add to his hunting and archery equipment.  Vortxx offers quality product that any bowhunter and archer will enjoy. 

For more information visit their website: www.newdawnoutdoors.com

 Vortxx Quivers


Bowhunting quivers 

Vortxx 6 STX

The innovative patented design of the VORTXX 6 STX lets you carry up to six arrows in less space than other quivers. Lightweight and compact, it has a rotating locking mechanism that keeps arrows securely in place and turns easily to release one arrow at a time.The new SILENT TOUCH quiver hood makes no noise at all . The new STX quiver mount is made from all machined aluminum that has no plastic to break with no loose quiver to rattle.The quiver frame is SILENT GUARD coated ,The center shaft is spiral wrapped for silence and sound dampening .This quiver is also height adjustable for todays short bows.