PSE Traditional Bows

This page display product information for PSE Traditional Bows.  Some bowhunters prefer traditional bows to compound bows.  PSE offers quality product that any bowhunter and archer will enjoy.

For more information visit their webbsite: www.pse-archery.com

 PSE Traditional Bows


bowhunting traditional bows 


The PSE Heritage Series Blackhawk is a born to hunt traditional bow. You simply won't find a better entry-level recurve. The riser is cut from beautifully laminated hardwood with a crowned "close to the hand" shelf perfect for instinctive shooting. The Blackhawk is one of the best values in traditional archery.

Available: 35, 40, 45, or 50 draw weights 

Bowhunting Traditional bows 



The PSE Heritage Series Coyote is packed with features and ready for action! Featuring a machined aluminum riser, take-down design, super-comfortable plastic grip, and sturdy wood limbs. The center shot cutaway aluminum riser is drilled and tapped for stabilizer, rest and sight mounting. This quality offering from PSE also features film dipped Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity Camo and a tough dacron bowstring.

Available: 40, 50 or 55 draw weight 

bowhunting traditional bows 



The PSE Mustang is a time-honored design. Featuring a 60" overall length and a beautiful laminated takedown riser made of black walnut and cherry, inserts for quiver mounting, berger button hole for mounting a rest and a stabilizer mouting hole. The Mustang is a quality recurve bow at a very affordable price that is great for hunting or bowfishing.

Available: 40, 45, 50 or 55 draw weight 

bowhunting traditional bows 



The Optima series of recurve bows is the perfect choice for any target shooter, any size or age. A full system, the Optima has two different risers and two limb sizes, which can be mixed-and-matched which allows the bow to grow with the archer.

Available in three lengths: 56", 62" or 66"
Weight options: Range from 15 to 35 lbs.
Colors: Red or Blue
The OPTIMA series has a bow for everyone. 

Bowhunting Traditional bows



The PSE Snake bow is a one piece 60" all composite recurve bow. This 22 pound bow is set to shoot either left or right hand and is perfect for all archers from small children to adults. The PSE Snake is one of the most durable bows ever sold. We have tested this bow under the most extreme conditions we could find and it performs every time. Perfect for youth camps, backyard shooters or anyone just wanting to have fun in archery.

Bowhunting Traditional bows



PSE's Summit is the perfect step up from the Optima for the intermediate level target archer. With its comfortable geometry and better selection of draw weights the Summit really hits the bulls eye. At a very affordable price, you can't beat the Summit's value and performance.

Availble: 20, 24, 28, 32 or 36 draw weight