Leica Rangefinders

This page display product information for Leica Rangefinders.  Every bowhunter and archer alike needs a good quiver to add to his hunting and archery equipment.  Leica Rangefinders offers quality product that any bowhunter and archer will enjoy. 

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 Leica Rangefinders


 Bowhunting range finders

CRF 1000

The Rangemaster 1000 is the ideal model for a wide range of different uses. This highly regarded observation instrument continually impresses because of its comfort in use combined with its accurate distance measurement - up to a maximum of circa 1000 yards (915 m).  

Bowhunting Range finders 


CRF 1600

When preparing for a long-distance shot or in poor weather conditions, it is all too easy to miscalculate range. To take a precise and clean shot, you need to have an exact measurement of the distance to your target. You can trust the new Rangemaster CRF 1600 to deliver the performance you need. With its large 115 m field of vision and 7x magnification, it takes just 0.3 seconds to display the precise distance to any target from 10 m to approximately 1500 m (1600 yards) away.