Bulldog Field Targets

When you purchase a Bulldog archery target you are purchasing quality.  Bulldog makes every archery target with care and quality and they even offer a LifeTime Warranty!  For more information visit their website: www.bulldogtargets.com

 Bulldog Field Targets


Bulldog Field Targets 

The K9 Range

 •Shootable from both sides
•The inside of this target will literally last for years and years. At only $79.99 for face replacement it is very inexpensive to keep the target going for a long long time.
•Fits all regulation size FITA, FIELD and NFAA targets to legal spec.
•Strong enough to stop heavy compound bows, but designed to allow youth to able to shoot at it as well
•Save your club or range THOUSANDS of dollars by not having to replace targets every year. With K9 you just staple on a new face and your good to go for another year

Bulldog Field Targets 


The Dog House FF

This new breed of archery target has the same flat face as the Range Dog but with the compact dimensions & X-tra Penetration features of the Doghouse XP. How many times have you wanted to pin a target on one of those "Bag" targets and it just falls right off! It's easy to pin your target on the FF. This archery target is great for practicing on your  FITA/Vegas target that you will be shooting at in the tournaments. 
Dimensions: 24" x 24" x 12" - 33" Across, 32lbs 

Bulldog Field Targets 


The Doghouse FP

The Doghouse FP™ (Field Point) is the original Bulldog target that has made us what it is today. It is tough enough to stop any bow made. Whether you are shooting a bow at 80lbs or 350fps or a youth bow at 10 or 15lbs the Doghouse FP™ will stop the arrow dead in its tracks. Arrow removal is a breeze. 

The Doghouse FP™ archery target is self standing extremely light at only 25lbs. It measures out at 24' x 24' x 9 1/2'. All targets also include and ez-grip carrying handle as well. 

To find out why this target made us famous click here to by one for yourself and see what all the hype is about...  

Dimensions: 24" x 24" x 9.5" - 33" Across, 24lbs 

Bulldog Field Targets 


The Doghouse XP

That's right... 1 FOOT of penetration! The thickest self-standing, internal frame target on the market today! Forget what every one else claims, when you want long lasting quality, this is it! If you are at all concerned about a target not stopping your arrow you have no need to worry with this bad dog! Its tough enough to stop any arrow that any bow or crossbow can throw at it. 

Everybody knows that practice is important, and for those dedicate archers who want to practice as much as possible and sometimes that means in their living room. They can not take a chance of an arrow even remotely passing through, and they put their trust in the DogHouse XP™ 

Dimensions: 24" x 24" 12" - 33" Across, 32lbs 

Bulldog Field Targets 


The DoubleDog FF

The DoubleDog FF™ The Ultimate "Buddy"  Archery Target. This is the FIRST of its kind in the target industry. Now when you want to shoot with a friend you don't need another target. This target is the perfect size for two 3-Spot targets, side by side! It's part of the FF series so it features a Flat Face that you can pin targets to. Light enough that you can carry with one hand but strong enough to support two shooters at the same time. So go ahead and invite your buddy over for an evening of shooting in the back yard, now that you have the DoubleDog it's no problem! 

This target measures out at 36" x 24" x 12" - 38" Diagonally Across 

Bulldog Field Targets 


The Range Dog

Never before has there been a Range target that features the longevity of a bag style target but with a Flat face that allows targets to be pinned to it. 

Dimensions: 36"x 36" x 12"