Frogg Toggs Bowhunter's Rain Gear

I’ll be honest, I was skeptical. Waterproof, breathable rain gear for less than an hundred dollars? I don’t think so! However, I checked the price tag and sure enough it was significantly under one hundred dollars. I had never heard of the company – Frogg Toggs! Sounded like a good name for rain gear, I bought a set.

Of course the color was a camo pattern or I would never have looked at it. It was a two piece outfit with a detachable hood, zippered front and elastic cuffs on the arms and around the waist. Another thing that made it really interesting was how trivial it weighed! As an elk hunter I am always struggling with how much equipment to pack up a mountain and how much it weights. The outfit compacted well and weighted virtually nothing. This would be an idea rain gear outfit.

I took it home and couldn’t wait to try it out. Surely this couldn’t be a good as advertised, so I had to find out. It was a sunny day when I brought it home and no rain was expected for a week or better. So, I improvised. “Hey Kristen”, my visiting daughter, “ try this outfit on for me. It might fit your husband.” She was out in the yard, and while she was darning the outfit I got the garden hose out around the corner of the house. What you think I was going to try this new raingear outfit out on myself??

Well when she walked around the corner of the house I cut loose with the water. She turned her back to the spray and just took it. And she stayed dry! I must have hosed her down for five minutes with water pressure no rainstorm could produce and from every angle. When I was done, she stepped out of the Frogg Toggs, and was completely dry.

So, of course I had to try it out too. When the next rainstorm came along, I donned the Frogg Toggs, and journeyed out into the rain. And guess what? It worked there too.

Ok, there has to be a down side, right? Well from a hunting perspective there is one problem. It is not very quite. The Frogg Toggs sound like wearing a paper bag, they are “krinkly”.

So Fogg Toggs may not be the perfect rain gear for every hunter situation. But if you are looking for waterproof, breathable rain gear that is very lite, and inexpensive, Frogg Toggs may be just the ticket.

You can find out more about Frogg Toggs from their website,