Vital Gear's Full Capture Arrow Rests

When it comes to arrow rests bow hunters face two challenges, how to keep an arrow on the arrow rest without it falling off and secondly how to limit arrow interaction with the rest during the release of the arrow.

One of those problems has been resolved by drop away arrow rests. Many bow manufacturers are now producing drop away arrow rests. As the archer draws an arrow the arrow rest positions the arrow for release. As the archer releases the arrow, the arrow rest drops away and thereby eliminating any contact with the rest as the arrow leaves the bow. This eliminates the problem of vanes or fletching contacting the arrow rest and provides a truer release of the arrow from the bow.

The other problem, one of holding and arrow on the arrow rest, has been solved by other bow accessory manufacturers, by devices that hold the arrow in place without assistance from the archer before during and after the release of the arrow. This is very convenient in that the archer or bow hunter does not need to worry about maintaining attention to the arrow on the bow.

Each of these solutions solve one of an archer's problems but not both. In fact, full capture exacerbates the problem of the arrow being in contact with the arrow arrest throughout the release of the arrow. Additionally, most drop away arrow releases do not provide a means of keeping the arrow on the arrow rest until such time as the archer or bow hunter is ready to draw the bow. Without naming brands bow hunters can find arrow rests that solve either of those problems but very few rests solve both.

Vital Gear, an archery accessory manufacturer, has a product that provides the benefits of a drop away rest and a full capture arrow arrest at the same time. I have used Vital Gear's full capture arrow arrest for probably four years now. I have shot probably thousands of arrows through this rest and have never found it to fail, jam or otherwise disrupt the flight of my arrow. Likewise I use the full capture feature of this arrow rest all the time. I spend a lot of time still running white tailed deer, and stalking elk in the mountains of Colorado, Montana and New Mexico. This full capture arrow rest allows me to be prepared without having to make unnecessary movements to nock an arrow when I am ready to take a shot at the game I am hunting.

Vital Gear's full capture arrow rest is no more difficult to mount to a bow than any other drop away rest. Neither does it take any additional work or knowledge to use the rest. When placing an arrow on the arrow rest the archer needs only to open the clamp device with a thumb, place the arrow in the rest, and release the clamp. The arrow will be ready without additional attention from the archer until time for the shot. As the archer draws the bow, the clamp on the arrow releases and forms a natural trough through which the arrow glides back to full draw. As the arrow is released the drop away arrow release falls out of the way of the departing arrow and provides a smooth touch free release of the arrow.

I love this arrow rest! It gives me full capture of the arrow as I stalk, still hunt, or even just sit in my stand, and it provides me the full benefit of a drop away arrow arrest! I don't often see this arrow rest in sporting goods stores. You may have to contact the manufacturer in order to find a dealer that sells these rests. It is well worth the extra effort necessary to find and install this rest on your bow.

If you would like additional information about this arrow rest you can visit vital gear by visiting their website at: