Huntmore Stool

Whether hunting spring turkeys, fall whitetails from the ground or any other outdoor activity which requires stealth, quite and comfort, you are going to love this new stool.

Being a guy who doesn't like tree stands I like to spend my time on good ole mother earth. And I have tried every kind of seat you can imagine to make my time in a blind more comfortable. No matter what I try, I can never get exactly what I want. 

The portable tri-legged stools are compact and light, but they have no back support, and the legs sink into the ground. They sit too low and you can't turn in them to adjust to an animal coming in from a surprising direction.
The typical four legged chair has some advantages - normally it has a backrest, but often it also has armrests that get in the way of my ability to draw my bow. And, once again, you can't shift the seat or your position for a better shot alignment. 

I have sat on buckets, and stood for what seems like forever. Why can't someone invent a seat that is quite, moveable and comfortable? Well finally someone has. 

HuntMore has come up with a rugged, adjustable, collapsible perfect stool. I had an opportunity recently to take one for a test sit. This is no pantywaist tri-leg stool. This is a serious seat in that collapses into a very compact and portable size. But it rung my bell for the purpose for which it was designed - sitting. 

To start with, the seat has three adjustable legs that will meet any ground variation problems like hills or holes. The legs end in extra large foot pads that will not sink into the ground unless you are sitting in the Everglades. The back rest, is detachable for transportation but also adjustable for your back. Any of the above assets make this seat worth looking at, but what seals the deal for me is that this seat rotates silently 360 degrees. No more having to shift the seat or stand up to adjust my shooting alignment, I just rotate. 

Now, I haven't hunted with this seat yet, but I can't wait to! 

For more information, visit HuntMore's
website, or email them at Info@HuntMore.biz