Kwikee Kwivers

If you have been in archery or bow hunting for any length of time the name Kwikee Kwiver is one that you know and probably associate to any quiver attached to your hunting bow. Kwikee Kwiver is one of the oldest and best-known of any arrow quiver on the market. It is certainly the first arrow quiver I used on my recurve bow when I was 12 years old back in 1962. For years Kwikee Kwiver has dominated the quiver market because of their innovation and recognition of their product name. I don't know what Kwikee Kwiver's market share is today but I dare say up until the last few years they were probably more Kwikee Kwiver's sold in the archery market than all other arrow quivers combined. 

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Kwikee Kwiver's manufacturing facility and visit with their Vice Presidents, Leo Grant and Shirley Gelinas. Kwikee Kwiver is located in Williamsburg, Michigan where they moved in 2008 from Acme, Michigan location where they were founded in 1957.
Bob Stinson, inventor of the original Kwikee Kwiver and founder of the company that was founded in 1957 invented his first quiver for his own recurve in 1956. Legendary Fred bear was one of Kwikee Kwiver's original customers and likely provided considerable recognition to Bob Stinson's invention. The original prototypes were made of cork-like material and plywood. The design evolved to metal plates and now they are injection-molded plastic. I seem to remember that my first Kwikee Kwiver was made of injected molded plastic, however, I don't recall the Brodhead cover as listed in this picture.
The first lightweight, quick-detachable quiver for compound bows was invented in 1976 by Bob along with his business partner Chester (Chet) Grant. Today, Chet Grant, owner of Grand Traverse Plastics still makes the quality, efficient and affordable KK-6 Kompound Kwiver that has stood the test of time. I am reasonably certain that my first compound bow quiver was also a Kwikee Kwiver. This durable six arrow quiver is still available today and one of Kwikee Kwiver's best sellers, and I still have my original versions. Kwikee Kwiver also provides a three and a four arrow quiver made of the same durable material with the same unconditional guarantee.
As the company grew in popularity they outpaced the ability of Bob and Chet to run the company on their own. In 1978 Shirley Gelinas joined the company as Vice President and General Manager running the day-to-day operations of Kwikee Kwiver, and she has continued in that position to present-day. Leo Grant joined the company in 2008 as Vice President of Operations.
After the death of Bob Stinson in 2006, Chet Grant purchased the company and in 2008 moved the company to its present location in Williamsburg. While I visited their facility I had the opportunity to speak with Leo, Shirley and even an opportunity to meet briefly with Chet. In this era of high competition, archery equipment manufacturers try to secure a greater and greater share of the market to themselves it was not unexpected that manufacturers other than Kwikee Kwiver would begin manufacturing and selling arrow quivers. While Kwikee Kwiver's market share has declined they remain an innovator and producer of high quality arrow quivers for compound and traditional bows. Kwikee Kwiver may not dominate the arrow quiver market as they once did, but current quiver manufacturers owe a debt to and have built upon the innovation of Bob Stinson's original deluxe Kwikee Kwiver.
The Kwikee Kwiver comes in a variety of camouflage covers and arrow carrying capacity. Their original six arrow quiver KK-6 is still a standard used by many bow hunters. They also have a four arrow version and a three arrow version for those who are looking for a more compact quiver.  Among their camouflage patterns are Real Tree Hardwood, Mossy Oak Breakup, Mossy Oak Treestand and even Matthews Lost camo. They continue to offer their original standard black color.
As the host of I have had opportunity to try out numerous arrow quivers over the last few years. I have found some to be very innovative, some to be very unique, some easy-to-use and some more difficult. But in truth, when I have bought quivers for my sons and daughters to use on their archery equipment I've always returned to Kwikee Kwiver. In fact, after trying one of their competitors last year I once again returned to my trusted four arrow Kwikee Kwiver for 2009.
If you'd like information about Kwikee Kwiver you may visit their, find them in most any archery shop, or you can call their offices at 1-800-346-7001