Yellow Jacket Bag Targets

New Yellow Jacket Bag TargetI’m not entirely sure when I bought my current archery Yellow Jacket Bag target.  It is at least four years ago.  And I have not been very gentle with it.  Once I set the target up on my archery range, it stayed there, summer, fall, winter and spring.

As I gear up for bow hunting each fall, I start shooting on a regular basis sometimes in April, but usually in May.  Since I am an old guy and let my shoulders go to seed over the winter, I start out slow by shooting maybe a dozen arrows a day.  But within a couple of weeks I try to shoot 30 arrows a day at least 5 days a week.  Shooting that many arrows at the same target means the Yellow Jacket target gets a lot of work.

When I bought this target, I was not sure it would hold up to my shooting pattern, but this archery target has surpassed my greatest expectations.  Apart from discoloration from being subject to 3 summers and winters, the Yellow Jacket continues to stop my arrows, even where it is getting the most attention, near the bee. 

I can only think of one possible complaint about the target and it isn’t really a complaint about the target asUsed Yellow Jacket Archery Target much as it is my selection of field points.  If my field tips are even a shade over-sized than the diameter of my arrows, I have to jerk the arrows out.  I am sure that isn’t the best way to treat the target, but even though that happens, The Yellow Jacket target has held out admirably.

This target is not designed for use with broadheads, but it has stopped any field tip, regardless of the draw weight of the bow for four years or more.  As I get to a couple of weeks before hunting season, I will switch to a block target that will handle broadheads and all my practice from then on through the season will be using the exact  arrow and tip I use for hunting.  That being said, I would never be in the shape I need to be for archery season, hunting Elk, Bear, Deer or any other game without a bag target that can take the abuse I put it through during the spring and summer.

When I finally need to update my bag target, Yellow Jacket Bag targets will be at the top of my list.

You can purchase your own Yellow Jacket bag target here.