Collectible Custom Knives


 Collectible Custom Knives - Dawson Knives

I had an opportunity to meet with Barry Dawson and his three generations of knife makers in Prescot Arizona.  Barry and his team gave me a grand tour of their working blade shop where I could see almost every stage of their custom knife manufacturing.  They produce Tachtical, and Hunting knives and even combat ready Swords.  Here is just a sample of some of their blades.  If you would like to see more you can visit their website here.


Tactical Blades - Raider

One of our all-time best sellers at Dawson Knives, the knives of the Raider series are the workhorses of our Tactical line. Excellent as all around field, tactical, rescue and survival knives. The offset guards feature thumb rests behind each for security and increased control, while doubling as bottle openers. The pommel is shaped to a flat head adjustment tool, perfect for field adjustments or for applying concentrated blunt force.

Tactical Knives - Scout

Designed for treks through the world's most inhospital locations, the Scout tackles everything from emergency shelter building to batoning, camp chores and food prep with ease.

The pommel is shaped to a flat head adjustment tool, perfect for field adjustments or for applying concentrated blunt force. A locking sheath prevents accidental loss while riding the rapids or forging through brush. The Scout also features a notched bottle opener for when it's time to relax by the campfire after a long day of adventure.

   Hunting - Gentlemens Pocket Knife
Description: A perennial favorite, the Gentleman's Pocket Knife is a simple, tidy little drop-point that's classy enough to complement any ensemble, small enough to be unoffensive and yet with plenty of blade to get the job done. The hollow ground blade is shaped and designed to ride comfortably and discreetly tucked inside the pants pocket in its custom-fitted Kydex Pocket Sheath.
   Hunting - Deep Notch Skinner
Description: A sleek, classic drop point style blade and deep finger notch make the Deep Notch Skinner one of the most comfortable and intuitive knives you'll ever use. The blade is just the perfect width with a generous belly for peeling back the hide on your latest trophy and a fine, strong tip for clean, precise entry cuts. The deep finger notch, gentle palm swell and thoughtfully shaped handle cause this skinner to just melt into your hand. Feels safe, secure and remarkably comfortable to use. Thumb and finger rests are filed on the spine and inside the finger notch for added security.

   Crusader Sword Series

Description: This is the longest Crusader sword to date Barry has crafted. With each inch of length the sword becomes exponentially more difficult to grind and heat treat. Of course, a double edge of any length is much more difficult than a single edge of the same length. This museum piece is an heirloom to be handed down proudly from one generation to the next. 

The battle ready blade is double-edged perfection, a light yet incredibly tough example of the European broadsword imbued with Barry’s own classic style. It is ground from ¼” 5160 steel with his sleek Antique gray finish.

The backbone of Barry's reputation for quality blades lies in his own custom heat treat, developed over a 40+ year knife and sword making career of producing tough, battle ready blades that stand up to daily use and hold a superior edge cut after cut.