Silver Stag Knives

Silver Stag Knives are NOT mass produced production knives. Every single unit is hand made by skilled American craftsmen and no two knives will ever be exactly the same.

Silver Stag uses three types of High Carbon Tool Steel to manufacture their exclusive designs; D2, 1095, and 15N20, (Steel specifics can be reviewed at each “Product Series” listing). They manufacture an exclusive line of American antler knives manufactured from domestically produced high carbon tool steels. The SILVER STAG collection is made up of over 50 extremely functional blade designs, each one classified into one of EIGHT Series, categorized by the steel, antler, and construction method used in the manufacturing process.  Below is a sample of some of their knives, that every bow hunter will be proud to own.

If you would like more information about Silver Stag knives and explore their full line of hunting knives you can find it at their website www.silverstag.com


 Silver Stag Knives



D2 steel is an air hardening, high carbon, and high chromium tool steel possessing extremely high wear resisting properties. The high chromium content provides good corrosion resistance, (but it can rust if it is not properly taken care of). We heat treat our D2 blades to a 60 Rockwell hardness and the blades will retain their factory edge for extended periods of heavy use. When it does come time to re-sharpen, this high carbon tool steel is easier to sharpen than stainless steel, (the edge will not crumble or roll like stainless steel does when sharpening). D2 steel is primarily used by the best custom knife makers, and anyone whom has ever used a good D2 steel blade in the field, raves about the steels cutting ability, durability, and edge holding properties. We strongly believe D2 is the best steel you can use for a hardcore, working knife!

The Crown Series features shed North American Deer and Elk antler crown/burr handles and the series features 15 designs. Every style is accompanied with a handmade leather sheath and limited life time warranty.

Silver Stag Bow Hunting Knives 

Sharp Forest

Product ID: SF3.75

Blade L= 3 3/4 inch.
Overall L= Approx. 8 inches.

Silver Stag Bow Hunting Knives 

Big Game Gutter

Product ID: BG4.0

Blade L= 4 inches.
Overall L= Approx 9 inches

SILVER STAG Damascus steel is manufactured by forge welding multiple layers of high carbon steels into a solid block called a billet, (Silver Stag contains 1095 & 15N20 high carbon tool steels). The billet is folded and re-welded several times to produce layers, (Silver Stag Damascus = 150 to 300 layers). Patterns are created by manipulating the steel during the forge welding process, (Silver Stag offers a random and twist pattern). The blades are profiled out of the layered steel billet block, then hand ground, polished, and sharpened. The combination of layered hard and soft steels creates blade flexibility, toughness, and produces invisible serrations on the edge that aid cutting. SILVER STAG claimsDamascus blades are the best flesh cutting blades on the market. The Series is manufactured with deer, elk, and moose antler. An up-graded, handmade laced leather sheath included.

Silver Stag Bowhunting knives

Crown Twist

Product ID: DCT3.5
Blade L= 3 1/2 inch.
Overall L= Approx. 8 1/2 inch
Twist Pattern - Drop Point Blade Design with Crown Antler

Silver Stag Bow Hunter Knives

Stag Twist

Product ID: DST2.7

Blade L= 3 1/2 inch Overall L= Approx. 6 3/4 inch
Full Tang Design / Elk or Moose antler scales

Silver Stag Hunting Knife

Damascus Bowie

Product ID: DPB6.5

6.5" Blade
Overall Length = Approx. 12"

Elk or Mule Deer Antler


Tool Steel Series
1095 Tool Steel is often referred to as “cutlery spring steel”, and is well known for its use in manufacturing commercial saw blades. Between the turn of the century through World War II, this High Carbon Tool Steel was commonly used by custom knife makers (and armatures alike), because the steel was easily obtainable, (rail road spikes, car springs, saw blades). Your Grandpa probably had a knife made from 1095 High Carbon Tool Steel. This high carbon tool steel hones to a razor sharp edge (better than any stainless steel), retains its edge (better than most stainless steels), and easier to sharpen, (compared to stainless steel). They heat treat these blades in a salt batch to a 58 Rockwell Hardness. Please note this steel will discolor over time and is susceptible to rust/corrosion. They recommend keeping the blade oiled on a regular basis, but discoloration and/or rust will not affect the blade performance. Every style features deer or elk antler and each knife is accompanied with a handmade laced western style sheath, (The 8” and 10” Bowie sheaths do not have snaps and are considered “Single Action” authentic).
Silver Stag Hunting Knives Short Bowie
Product ID: SSB8.0

Blade L= 8 inches
Overall = Approx 14 inches.

Silver Stag hunting knives





Silver Stag Bowhunting knives

Combo Pack
Product ID: SSCO63

Combo Pack Includes:
Skinner- Blade L= 6 inches
Small Gut - Blade L = 3 inches.