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Leupold® offers an incredibly wide range of binoculars, in both full size and compact models, high-tech roof prism designs, and classic Porro prism models. Whether you’re looking for high performance or affordability, the Leupold binocular you choose will deliver exceptional brightness and clarity, ruggedness, and waterproof integrity in all conditions.

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 Leupold Optics


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BX-1 Rogue

Contemporary styling and design make the new BX-1 Rogue Series an instant favorite.  With a well-balanced body built around a high-performance Porro prism optical system, the BX-1 Rogue is perfect for extended viewing with no fatigue.  The fully multi-coated lenses create a bright, crisp image and, of course, the BX-1 Rogue Series is rugged and reliable, with our trademark waterproofing.  

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BX-1 Yosemite

Full-size binoculars can be too large for many people, especially younger users.  leupold BX-1 Yosemite binoculars not only fit smaller hands, but also adjust to fit the smaller interpupillary distance (the distance between the eyes) of smaller users something most full-size optics can't do.  With both 6x and 8x models available, everyone from the youthful user to experienced adults can enjoy the optical performance that serious users demand. 

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BX-2 Acadia

Finding a roof prism binocular that offered the Leupold-quality optical performance you demand, and the affordability you want has been a challenge...until Leupold introduced the BX-2 Acadia Series.  The BX-2 Acadia has a slim, in-line roof prism design with contemporary styling that makes them compact, lightweight, and ergonomic.  The optics feature phase coated prisms and a mulit-coat lens system for exceptional brightness, contrast, and clarity. 

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BX-2 Cascades

Leupold Bx-2 Cascades in-line design makes them trim, lightweight, and easy to grip in any conditions.  One of the greatest values in current binoculars, the BX-2 Cascades offers high performance optical capability and a lifetime of rugged durability - all in an affordable, easy to employ package. 

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BX-3 Mojave

The BX-3 Mojave Series open bridge design is touted as being lightweight, ergononmic, and easy to use.  We combined the open bridge and modern styling with an optical system that will impress even the most serious binocular users.  Cold mirror coated prisms combined with a fully multi-coated lens system give you peak brightness and resolution, true to life fidelity, and exceptional contrast -- in all lighting conditions.  Rugged, Waterproof, and dependable, Bx-3 Mojave binoculars are covered by the Leupold Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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The Katmai's Large 32mm objective lenses deliver powerful, full-size performance in a rugged, compact package that's easy to carry or pack.  Ideal for those who value relatively compact size with exceptional optical performance.

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These premium quality, center focus, phase coated, roof prism binoculars deliver the kind of performance previously not thought possible in an optic that's also lightweight and affordable.

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Golden Ring Spotting Scope

Absolute ruggedness, waterproof, lightweight construction, and unsurpassed optical quality are the key components of our four Golden Ring spotting scopes.  With a full range of exciting accessories to choose from as well, you'll have an incredible advantage in the field. 

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SX-1 Ventana

Our new SX-1 Ventana combines sleek and striking industrial design, and superior optical quality with a price that keeps exceptional spotting within reach of virtually every hunter.