Eberlestock Packs

Eberlestock backpacks are all hydration compatible, with dedicated bladder pockets and drink tube portals.  You'll also notice new high-visibility interiors (no more hunting around for a black flashlight in a black hole), and large #10 zippers. Eberlestock packs are commonly used for hunting and bow hunting.  For more information visit their website: http://www.eberlestock.com/hunting.htm


 Eberlestock Packs


EberlestockHunting Packs 

Blue Widow

The Blue Widow was introduced upon the request of bow hunters who had wondered at first glance what they would do with the rifle scabbard on our Dragonfly and Just One packs.  Most of those who used the J107 found that they like the scabbard after all, because it’s a great place to put things like arrows and grunt tubes.  We like packs so much that we decided to honor the idea and apply some of the un-tapped items in our design locker.  The Blue Widow is basically a Dragonfly with the scabbard layer removed.  The main vertical pockets and utility expansion compartment are attached directly to the main frame panel.  We added a larger Flex Chassis which can fold forward for use as a seat.  And because we think that scabbards and packs go together, we made it so that you can add one if you need it.

Eberlestock Hunting Packs 



This member of the Just One family is at the leading edge of backpack design.  With all of the features of our other Just Ones, the Dragonfly raises the bar, featuring a high tech suspension system, a huge range of adjustability, and more patented and proprietary features than any hunting pack made.  A slate of premium features includes a full framesheet, which augments the internal aluminum stays to give a very stable load bearing platform, and a fully adjustable shoulder harness and beefy #10 zippers.  If you're thinking about a Just One pack, and feel that you'd be most comfortable with a firmer platform for carrying a heavy load, or if the vertically adjustable shoulder yoke assembly appeals to you, choose a J107.




The Halftrack hunting pack is built from the same pattern as our F3M military pack, which was highlighted by the Army Times in a 2009 field test as their pick as the best 3-day military pack.  It's a front-loader, with two levels of varying-sized tuck-pockets lining its interior, PALS racks inside and out, and a fold-down shelf that can be used to divide the main compartment into upper and lower chambers. 
It will carry two 3-liter hydration kits, mounted in side pockets, or two 2-liter bladders in sleeves inboard of the outer pockets if you want to free the main side pockets for other gear.

Eberlestock Hunting Paks 


Just One

The latest model of the Just One family shares the essential features of all of the others in the line.  It's extremely versatile.  Starting at an ultra-compact 2300 cubic inches, it expands to 4600 with its built-in Cam Expansion™ system.  Add a Super Spike Duffel's 2900 cubic inches, and you get a 7500 cubic inch load hauler. 

Eberlestock Hunting Packs 



Mini-Me.  Don’t ask why we named it that; we were just having a little fun.  But like its Hollywood namesake, the thing that makes this pack unique is that it has all of the hallmarks of its larger brethren, distilled into a tight little unit.  It’s a pack whose looks will deceive you.  

The Mini-Me is a hydration pack but more; this little baby could rightly be called the “Transformer.”  It has an expansion system that at first glance looks conventional.  Start un-zipping its wrap-around zipper and you get more space for something long.    But when you keep going, you realize that you’ve opened up a tunnel for the insertion of either our A1SS Shotgun Scabbard or our A2SS Scoped Rifle Scabbard.  Slide in one of these, and you’ve got a rig that’ll make carrying your gun as close to carrying a biathlon rifle as you can get without getting the real thing.  And of course, you don’t want a biathlon rifle for hunting anyway.  You want to carry your choice of weapon, an included premium 3-liter (100 oz) hydration bladder, a pull-out hip belt, and a secret compartment with a deployable Bird Bag inside.  All of which you get with the Mini Me.  Other features include full-depth pockets for spotting scope or tripod, an organizer pocket, grapple compression strap, and more.

Side Scabbards and ButtBuckets are sold separately (the pack is a terrific small-scale pack without them, for general field use).

Mini-Me.  It's way more than a hydration pack. 

Eberlestock Hunting Packs 



The Tailhook continues the evolution of what many of our customers tell us was their favorite pack, the Slingshot.  When introduced in 2005, the Slingshot was the first pack made that allowed you to carry a bow on the pack, and get it off without removing the pack.  Since then, we've made more, and we've made enough exciting new changes to the design that we decided to rename it.  Introducing the new Tailhook, a unique pack that is our only large lumbar pack, with many of the capabilities of a full-scale pack.  As used on the Tailhook, our patented Ripcord Tether™ completes the Quickdraw System that we pioneered with our Backscabbard™ rifle packs.

The small upper bag provides a platform for a bow or a rifle to rest on, and makes the pack carry them with exceptional stability.    The upper bag's internal pocket incorporates a spacer pad to keep the bow or rifle away from your head. 

Ebelestock Hunting Packs 



Introducing the x - project.  Our customers asked us for a great all-around daypack, and we developed our x-type packs to answer the call for lightweight, high quality, ultra-versatile hunting packs.  We focused on the essentials to give  you some lean, mean, hunting machines.
The X1 is carefully made with premium components, thoughtfully laid out.  With our exclusive patented and patent-pending features, the Quickdraw Backscabbard and the Ripcord Bow Tether.  Both on one pack.  If you're looking for a great all-'round daypack, look no further.  Because you won't find anything better on the planet. 

Eberlestock Hunting Packs 



The X1E was developed for the European market, where our customers are primarily gun hunters.  The X1A1 has been extremely popular in Scandinavia, and we've been asked for a refined rifle hunter's version... which sounded like a good idea, so we made it!

The X1E is carefully made with premium components, thoughtfully laid out.  With our exclusive patented Quickdraw Backscabbard, and just enough pockets to organize your essentials. 

Eberlestock Hunting Packs 



Our popular X2 has undergone a renovation, and it's ready to run for the 2010 hunting season!

New features include a tough, lightweight tubular aluminum frame, longer pads on the waist belt, and bigger, more accessible pockets built into the belt. 

This pack was always in a class of its own, and now we've taken it even further into the realm of the unbeatable.
The X2 is a tough little pack with big pack features.  Like oversized compression straps for lashing on a heavy load.  Dual hydration compartments.  Quick-access pockets for spotting scopes and tripods.  And now a rugged IntEx™ metal frame