Wildlife Research Scents

This page displays a sampling of Wildlife Research Scents.  For more information visit their website at www.wildlife.com

 Wild Research Scents

bowhunting scents 

Active Scrape

  • Full Spectrum Scrape Scent for Use in Real and Mock Scrapes.
  • New Time Release Formula – lasts longer.
  • Blend of doe urine with estrus secretions combined with buck urine.
  • Works great in the Magnum Scrape-Dripper®

The smell of a strange buck in his territory enrages the dominant buck, while the smell of a doe sexually arouses him.  It’s the hottest scent you can use in a scrape. 

bowhunting scents


  • Extremely High-Performance Curiosity Scent
  • Really Attracts Bucks During Early-Season and Works Great All Season Long.
  • Made with secret plant derivatives and does not contain urine.

Buck-Nip® is to deer – Like Cat-Nip is to a Cat 

bowhunting scents


  • Special Synthetic Formula
  • High Powered Rut time Attractor
    Really Attracts Whitetail Bucks
  • Smells like Estrus Scent / Attracts like Estrus Scent
  • Contains no urine or animal byproducts
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Doe In Estrus

  • Natural doe urine with estrus secretions.
  • Carefully collected from whitetail does.
  • Triggers the sexual attraction instinct of Whitetail Bucks.
  • Brings in bucks aroused. 
bowhunting scents 

Golden Scrape

  • Ultra Premium doe urine with estrus secretions, combined with premium buck urine.
  • Enhanced with subtle tones of fresh scraped earth and Territorial Musk™.
  • Extremely Effective at both mock scrapes and natural scrape locations.
  • Special Time Release Formula!
  • Works great in the Magnum Scrape-Dripper® too.

The Powerful Fresh Scrape Smell, that really heats up a scrape!

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Hot Scrape Kit

  • Kit comes with a conditioner and an activator.
  • Use the conditioner first, it attacks foreign odors and adds a fresh scraped earth smell.
  • Then Jump Start your scrape with the Activator.
  • The activator adds a complex combination of odors like those found in a real scrape, including various deer smells and other key elements. 
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  • Effective Early Fall – Through the Rut
  • Tarsal Smell Combined with Urine Drippings
  • Secret Musk Added to Increase Attraction
  • We feel Mega-Tarsal Plus® is even more effective than plain tarsal for Whitetail bucks 

Super-effective territorial intrusion scent 

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Select Doe Urine

  • Effective all season.
  • Reduces Suspicion of Danger.
  • Helps Conceal Human Scent.
  • It’s just a good natural scent to hunt with all season.
  • They smell a new doe in their area and want to check her out. 
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Special Golden Estrus

  • Originally was Only Available to Hunting Industry Insiders
  • Super Fresh & Premium Natural Doe Urine with Estrus Secretions.
  • Dated for use this hunting season.
  • Every Amber Glass Bottle has its own unique serial number.
hunting scents 

Trail's End #307

  • The hottest Performing Pre-Rut Buck Lure You Can Use.
  • During the Rut, #307® Stands alone. It has been reported to bring in rutting bucks that were following behind a doe.
  • When a buck smells it, he’ll come in.
  • Extremely Effective, All Season & Rut.