Three Rivers Archery Silencers

This page display product information for Three Rivers Archery Silencers.  Every bowhunter and archer alike needs a good silencer to add to his hunting and archery equipment.  Three Rivers Archery offers quality product that any bowhunter and archer will enjoy.

For more information visit their website: www.3riversarchery.com

 Three Rivers Archery Silencers


Bowhunting bow silencers 

Beaver Fur

String silencers made from tanned beaver hide are naturally water repellent and super quiet. Ours are available in black or brown and you get two strips in each package. Sometimes called "Beaver Balls."  

Bowhunting bow silences 


Brush Buttons

Keeps brush from between bowstring and limb tips. Also helps quiet bowstring noise. Sold by the pair. Available in Regular (11/16") or Super (7/8"). Get a set for your bowhunting bow today. Great protection for bowstrings and bow limbs.  

Bjowhunting bow silencers 


Cat Whisker

Cat Whisker bow string silencers have been one of the most popular silencers with bowhunters for over 20 years. Lightweight rubber silencers attach easily to your string and do an excellent job. All-rubber construction is totally waterproof. 

Bowhunting Bow silencers 


Musk Ox

Qiviut (pronounced "ki-vee-ute") is the Eskimo word for the under wool of the musk ox. Qiviute is to wool what down is to feathers, lightweight and whisper quiet. Each spring this special wool is collected by hand and spun into this phenomenal wool that is perfectly suited for string silencers. Much lighter than other wools and even fur, this may be the best string silencer available anywhere. Installation instructions included. Sold by the pair. Colors may vary.