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  Bowhunting & Archery Forums  Discussions  General   Some uptune to archery?
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New Post 6/29/2018 6:17 AM
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Some uptune to archery?  



I went through ranged combat (read: archery) code and did the following adjustments for now:  Non-Rangers will now also gain bonus to damage from dexterity stat, but the effectiveness of that is only 50% of the bonus Rangers gain.  Main guilds with an archery mastery now gain bonus damage that scales with their mastery. These guilds are:Army, Rangers, Wilders, Monks and Water priests. 
- Main guild army archers can get a bonus to theirs should they also choose to specialize in archery/bows. 
- Main guild monks get additional bonus damage for shots that initiate combat when benefiting from zen archery. 
- To clarify: Monks do not gain the benefit of zen archery if they use a crossbow or a hand crossbow. 
- Being a member of the xbow_sec guild gives a damage bonus when using crossbows or hand crossbows, tied to the 
general mastery of Crossbow grandmaster. 
- Secondary guilds with access to archery mastery can also get a bonus to their archery damage. Previously only army_sec gave this, now 
wp_sec can also confer a bonus. (gae_sec's form of a cat still works the way it did before, with no masteries involved) 
- As a wizard, it is quite difficult for me to estimate from the code alone how huge of an impact this will have on the 
performance of archers in general. If damages get out of hand, expect downtuning. 
- This is _not_ Archery 2.0, nor am I working towards Archery 2.0 at this time. 


Please help.

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  Bowhunting & Archery Forums  Discussions  General   Some uptune to archery?


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