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New Post 3/11/2011 5:28 PM
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Eastern Wyoming Self-Guided Hunts 


Self-Guided Hunt
In eastern Wyoming Mule Deer are concealed in the broken land. They use the drainages and ditches as day-time bedding areas to escape the heat. I have located public land that has good populations of Mule Deer that are concentrated in this broken area. These self-guided hunts are in an area where three creeks converge which is some of the best hunting habitat that can be found. Those who prefer hunting out of a blind can take mule deer or antelope that daily use the creek as a watering hole. For those who like the spot and stalk method, can find buttes in the area that allow for a vantage point to spot the herds and then you can plan your stalk.
In the immediate hunting area is over 20,000 acres of accessible land which includes BLM, State Trust Lands, and private walk-in areas.
Since Wyoming hunting regulations restrict the use of guides on public land these are self-guided hunts. You will be making the call. I will take you to the properties, provide you the maps, and show you the access roads and trails. I will also provide daily scouting reports, so while you are hunting the area you choose, while I scout nearby areas.
I will also assist when you need help either tracking or retrieving your game. We will stay in contact with the use of 2-way radios and/or cell phones.   I will provide these services for two days.
If you have never Bow hunted out west you don’t know what you are missing. Over the last three years I’ve taken 15 hunters (gun and bow) who have filled 14 tags.   We started hanging mounts on the wall after the first year.
Approx 2011 hunting dates Sep 15 – Sep 25
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  Bowhunting & Archery Forums  Discussions  Big Game huntin...  Eastern Wyoming Self-Guided Hunts


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