Bow Weight For a Moose


I am looking for the best set up for my Bowtech for a moose hunt in Maine. I am currently set at 50lbs with a 29 inch draw. Will it work for moose? Thanks, Dave


A good question Dave.

Typically I think a lot of bow hunters opt for more bow weight than necessary, and I have commented on that a couple of times.  However, when hunting big game like Elk or Moose, bigger is better.  Elk and Moose are often taken at ranges between 40 and 60 yards, distances that most hunters wouldn't try to take a deer.  But more importantly, Moose have much a tougher hide and a lot tougher rib cage to get through. 

I would not recommend trying to take a Moose with anything less than 60 foot pounds of kinetic energy.  Remember to get a good clean and quick kill you drive that arrow into and through both lungs if possible.  I am not aware of any configuration that will get you near 60 foot pounds of kinetic energy with a draw weight of 50 pounds. 

Now, Moose have been taken with recurve bows that don't have that kind of punch.  If you must use your current bow, wait for a quartering away shot that you can slip the arrow behind the rib cage.  I took a Bison exactly that way a few years ago with my recurve at 18 yards.  But you have to wait for the right shot.

I would think about a bigger bow if you can.  A Moose hunt is a rare thing and you don't want to have to pass up a perfect broadside because of lack of kinetic energy.

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