Sighting in Your Bow


Question: I have a new bowsite, but am having trouble sighting it in, help?

Answer:   This is a common problem for people when first trying to set up a bowsite. The answer is fairly simple, but not easy to come by on your own. When you shoot your bow, shoot enough arrows so that you are getting a consistent group. By that I mean that your arrows are hitting the target consistantly in the same spot. Without a group, you can't know which way to move your site. If you are unable to group your arrows, you may need to get some help from someone concerning your shooting form.

Once you have established a group you can start moving your pins to compensate for your sighting errors. This is fairly simple - move your sight pin in the direction that your arrows are grouping from the bullseye. In other words, if you are shooting high, move your pin up, if you are shooting left of the bull, move your pin left.

All left and right movement, should move all your pins if you have multiple pins. Yardage will be moved one pin at a time.