Too Much Bow

 Question: I just started shooting a compound bow, and I am having trouble pulling don't
get me wrong I a not weak I just don't pull straight back! Therefore the arrow is
forced off of the rest, will it just take practice or what could I do that
would eliminate that happening in the woods?


I am not sure if there is something wrong with your arrow rest, you will need to have a bow pro take a look at that.
I do sense, however, that you may be drawing too much weight.  Modern bow equipment is incredibly powerful.  A lot of archers make the mistake of too much draw weight.  In fact, it may be the most common, yet under-recognized problem that bow hunters have.  I don't know how much weight you are drawing, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear that it is over 70 lbs.
Many hunters think the more power - the better.  But a modern compound bow drawing not more than 50 lbs will blow a properly placed arrow right through most big game animals up to Elk and Moose.  You don't need a high draw weight to kill whitetail, mule deer, hogs, turkey, or even black bears.  The other reason hunters will get a "big" bow is to flatten their arrow's trajectory.  While a faster arrow will fly flatter, more poundage will sacrifice accuracy.  You can compensate with lighter arrows, that will also flatten your trajectory, without sacrificing accuracy.  With practice any archer can overcome the effects of gravity on the arrow, but drawing more weight than one can comfortably handle will always result in an occasional errant arrow.
One sure way of judging whether or not you are drawing too much weight, is if you have to go through any "unnatural" movements in drawing your bow.  If you have to radically shift your shoulder (in order to keep from hurting) you have too much bow!  If your arrow is falling off your rest because of your arm movements, look first to reducing your draw weight.
I hunt whitetails, bear, moose and elk with my bow.  When I hunt Elk or Moose, I will be shooting about 63-65 lbs, fast enough to develop kinetic energy of about 65 flbs.  For hunting the other game, I shoot about 55 lbs.  It more than does the job, and it is sooooo much easier on my poor old body.
Good luck.